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Here are some of the lenders we use around the Sedalia area. They are very competitive with their interest rates and some reach out of state for our distant customers. We have used these lenders for some time and they are all very easy to work with. Please call us for our recommendation based on your credit needs.


equity bank: sedalia

Ms. Lisa or Brook 660-829-3800 x6110

920 Thompson Blvd, Sedalia


central mo credit union: sedalia

Ms. Cathy or Heather 660-826-6922 x835

3120 W. 10th Street, Sedalia


lendmark Financial Service: sEDALIA

Ms. Katrina or Brittney 660-473-8184

3400 West Broadway Blvd, Ste B, Sedalia


height's finance: sedalia

Ms. Stefanie 660-827-4200

Branch ID#: 7018

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